AVAILABILITY: There are a limited number of Residential Nooks available for delivery by end of year 2019 while production ramps up. Full production will begin in 2020. With all of the possibilities, we are always interested in hearing how you would like to use AbleNook. Please write to us with a brief summary of what you are looking for and we will prepare an estimate tailored to your request. If you are interested in exploring hospitality solutions, corporate or alternative use scenarios, please send us a request with a brief overview and a representative will be in touch.

COST: Costs can vary depending on options, interior/exterior finishes & custom requests. Please contact us to let us know what you'd like.

ARCHITECTURAL: AbleNook A1 is a 238ft², (400ft² total surface) living module. Based on the design of the bungalow Archetype, AbleNook is designed to offer all of the amenities of modern living as well as provide an alternative platform for off-grid living solutions for the more adventurous. Every component of AbleNook has been designed for simplicity of assembly, expand-ability, and flexibility of use.

CONSTRUCTION: A flat packed, site assembled kit that consists of a lightweight aluminum structural frame that slides/snaps together with SIPs (structural insulated panels) for floors, walls and ceilings. AbleNook can be deployed on uneven terrain through the use of adjustable leg jacks cutting out the costs of poured foundations or any ground leveling. AbleNook's proprietary technology and simplicity of connections make assembly a task that any "Able-Bodied" person can accomplish.

INNOVATION: Our team has developed a rapidly deployable portable structure, comprised of interlocking components which can be assembled by unskilled laborers in a short period of time.  These components are shipped flat-packed in order to maximize the number of families which are helped in disaster-relief situations, reducing storage and transportation costs.   
The main structural members of the module are “universal.” This means that the floor joists are the same as the wall columns. The structural members can be made from extruded aluminum parts, with electrical bus duct conduits in each one, so that the wiring is simply connected as you clip together the parts, providing outlets wherever needed inside.  Weather seals are included between the structural members.
In disaster areas or in situations where more space is needed, traditional shelters such as trailers are often expensive, deployed slowly and require technical knowledge in order to be assembled.  Furthermore, they often need large clearings with flat terrain and come in “one size fits all” packages.  Our solution is a prefabricated living module that snaps together and is easily assembled, transported, and adaptable to diverse terrain. 


+ Can be deployed on uneven terrain

+ Units can be assembled by unskilled individuals, without power tools

+ Integrated electrical

+ Can be expanded for larger space requirements

+ Thermally insulated

+ Units can be used for residential, military, home office, and school portable applications

+ Thermodynamically based upon bungalow typology = passive cooling effect

+ Can be re-used = long term savings

+ Units are shipped flat packed

+ More units can be delivered per truck load to disaster areas


+ Residential Dwellings

+ Off grid Dwellings

+ Disaster relief housing

+ School/civic portables

+ WeWork-esque Flex office space (unlimited expansion)

HEIGHT: 13'-0" (Variable depending on Terrain)


INSULATION: Variable depending on regional requirements

FOUNDATION: If needed, Variable depending on regional requirements. The feet of the AbleNook are designed to accept a variety of mounting options, whether for high wind zones or seismic areas.

ELECTRICAL: AbleNook can be customized to arrive on site with pre-wired/pre-mounted electrical outlets and data so that upon assembly the AbleNook system will be live and ready for use (Pre-wired Electrical design can be customized to accommodate any AbleNook application).
Mechanical: AbleNook can be customized to include a fully integrated Mechanical system. All mechanical equipment is designed to be stored on AbleNook's (built in) concealed utility deck for ease of access. (Mechanical Design varies according to regional requirements and application of use).

PLUMBING: AbleNook can be customized to include a fully integrated Plumbing system. All plumbing systems are stored and run through AbleNook's (built in) concealed utility deck for ease of access. (Plumbing Design varies according to regional requirement and application of use).
Construction Type Classification: Pending

Photo-voltaic Panel System (Contact AbleNook for further information)
•Rainwater Collection System (Contact AbleNook for further information)
•High Efficiency Fixtures/Equipment (Contact AbleNook for further information)

ASSEMBLY: AbleNook will arrive flat packed on our delivery trucks. Purchasers can elect to self-assemble the AbleNook, or to have AbleNook site representatives come on site and install. (Contact AbleNook for further information)
*Permitting assistance available upon request (Contact AbleNook for further information)