What is an AbleNook? AbleNook is a new kind of beautiful home that assembles without tools, is infinitely expandable, resists hurricanes and can go anywhere without heavy equipment like cranes.

Is AbleNook a modular home? Yes

Are AbleNooks meant to be used as a permanent house? Yes!

Can an AbleNook also be used for temporary applications? Yes!

Is an AbleNook a Tiny Home? We consider AbleNook it’s own thing. It’s not a house on wheels like tiny houses. This is designed to go where Tiny Houses can’t. AbleNook is a Human Modular Infinity Home.

Can I customize my AbleNook? Yes. In most circumstances yes, and assumes a design fee as well as any additional costs. Most changes are in regards to the actual layout. Assume higher costs for very custom materials, furniture and configurations.

How do I purchase an AbleNook? The purchasing process is mostly Turn-Key. Go online and follow purchase instructions or call any AbleNook representative and they can help you. A $1,000 deposit secures your AbleNook and starts the process of assessing your land for permitting with your local municipality. Deposits are refundable for 30 days, then the process would commence. Half of the cost is due to start production on your unit(s) and then the remainder due at shipping.

How does an AbleNook secure to the ground? It is bolted down to foundation pilings or cable-tied to foundation stakes. Depends on soil conditions or wind zones.

Can I add to my AbleNook later? Of course. When you are ready we will connect you with a sales specialist. Currently, going two stories is theoretically possible though we have not done that yet.

Do I need a permit? In most cases, yes. Our in-house permitting and inspections team will take care of that for you. If you declare the AbleNook as a shed, with all the constraints that come with the local definition of a shed, then possibly a permit is not needed. Also depends where your land is. A waiver can be signed if you elect to take on the responsibility of permitting yourself.

Is my land zoned for an AbleNook? Need to consult with our code evaluation representative for this. Areas with HOAs or strict design guidelines will present challenges mainly due to aesthetic constraints.

What is the warranty? What is the lifetime of an AbleNook? Lifetime of the AbleNook should be 30+ years. All the parts are easily replaceable, so in theory an AbleNook could last forever.  Warranty is 10 years as long as one of our assembly specialists is doing the assembly/deployment. Assembling yourself?: TBD

How long will it be until I receive my AbleNook? Plan to start delivery for our existing customers in Nov 2019. After that, deliveries will be within a month. Eventually we will ship AbleNooks as fast as a truck can deliver them.

What velocity of winds can my AbleNook sustain? The AbleNook is designed to withstand 180 mph wind gusts 💨

Can my AbleNook be built to flood zone codes? Yes.

Do you ship AbleNooks out of state? Country? Sure!

How energy-efficient is an AbleNook? As energy efficient as a typical site-built modern home. Designed to National Energy Code Standards. Insulated to withstand most environments.

Can an AbleNook be powered by alternative energy sources, such as wind or solar power?
Does it require special features to do this?

Will I need to coordinate to have a crane on site? No need for heavy equipment like cranes. The biggest AbleNook Part is 4’x8’.

What is the cost for Set-Up by AbleNook Certified contractors? Depending on soil conditions but estimate is $800-$1,500

What does set-up include? Everything except the sofa and mattress, because everyone has unique personal preferences about those things. We can make recommendations based on what is shown in the the display models.


a.       50AMP total service. 120v service throughout the AbleNook with option for 240v connections located in the rear.

b.       Plumbing is connected via quick connect couplings underneath the ‘Nook. Hot water is tankless and located at the points of use at the bathroom and kitchen.

c.       HVAC is a 16,000 btu external heat/cool pump located in the back mechanical bay and connected without tools to our vents in no particular order.

d.       Opportunity for grey and fresh water storage tanks to be mounted under the Nook. Rainwater collection is being worked out and will come as an optional add-on in 2020

Build time? At a casual pace: One day or less.

Are the Smeg appliances included? Yes!

Is financing available? Yes! We have bank financing available through Suntrust, BB&T and Lightstream.

ARCHITECTURAL: AbleNook A1 is a 238ft², (400ft² total surface) living module. Based on the design of the bungalow Archetype, AbleNook is designed to offer all of the amenities of modern living as well as provide an alternative platform for off-grid living solutions for the more adventurous. Every component of AbleNook has been designed for simplicity of assembly, expand-ability, and flexibility of use.

CONSTRUCTION: A flat packed, site assembled kit that consists of a lightweight aluminum structural frame that slides/snaps together with SIPs (structural insulated panels) for floors, walls and ceilings. AbleNook can be deployed on uneven terrain through the use of adjustable leg jacks cutting out the costs of poured foundations or any ground leveling. AbleNook's proprietary technology and simplicity of connections make assembly a task that any "Able-Bodied" person can accomplish.


+ Can be deployed on uneven terrain

+ Units can be assembled by unskilled individuals, without power tools

+ Integrated electrical

+ Can be expanded for larger space requirements

+ Thermally insulated

+ Units can be used for residential, military, home office, and school portable applications

+ Thermodynamically based upon bungalow typology = passive cooling effect

+ Can be re-used = long term savings

+ Units are shipped flat packed

+ More units can be delivered per truck load to disaster areas


+ Residential Dwellings

+ Off grid Dwellings

+ Disaster relief housing

+ School/civic portables

+ WeWork-esque Flex office space (unlimited expansion)

HEIGHT: 13'-0" (Variable depending on Terrain)


INSULATION: Variable depending on regional requirements


Photo-voltaic Panel System (Contact AbleNook for further information)
•Rainwater Collection System (Contact AbleNook for further information)
•High Efficiency Fixtures/Equipment (Contact AbleNook for further information)